Will your Digital Marketing Campaign Blend?

Will your Digital Marketing Campaign Blend?

One of the most interesting things about writing Digital Marketing was the research.  To really help you come up with low cost, successful, innovative digital marketing ideas – I wanted to show you award-winning, exciting and budget-friendly campaigns that actually worked…  The Will it Blend campaign by Blendtec wins on all counts.

Blendtec is a small Utah based business that makes superior quality food blenders.  In 2006, the company experienced a lack of awareness among potential customers – and they only had $50 to build an awareness campaign.

George Wright, the company’s marketing director, decided to try out a low-cost digital video campaign featuring the charismatic founder of the company – Tom Dickenson.  He picked up a white coat, some protective glasses and a video camera – and so began the Will it Blend? campaign.

George bought marbles, a McDonald’s Happy Meal, a rotisserie chicken, and a garden rake.  Tom blended them on camera.  The campaign went viral and even resulted in numerous TV appearances.  In 2007, revenue at Blendtec increased by 500%.*

Blendtec still invites people to blend the latest technology, trends and for thrills.  Here he is blending an Apple Watch.  The campaign has achieved more than 500m hits on YouTube.

The fastest growing online advertising mechanism is video.  People love stories, they love visuals and they love sound.

Three elements that make a great video advertising campaign include:

Entertainment value 

Tom Dickenson’s claim that his Blendtec product can blend anything is not surprising.  Watching him blend an Apple Watch, however, is entertaining.  Consumers are bombarded with advertising messages – so much so that few stand out.  But people really just want to have fun and are looking to be entertained.  Target your video towards the fun-loving people out there – part of your brief has to be an element of surprise – something unique, amusing, emotive or even a little shocking (in a positive way, of course).

Solving a Problem

If you get customer insights into the motivations, issues, problems that customers want solved – then you can address your videos to solving those problems.  I once watched a video on ‘How to fold up your baby’s push-chair’ – that video showed me where the magic fold-up button was.  Problem solved.

Whether you run an advertising campaign through Google Adwords, or you develop display advertisements online or you develop your own artisan video shoots – think ‘Problem Solving’ – What do customers need?

Providing Value

Value is what you give to customers for the money you charge.  In your advertising messages, it is important to show the value that you provide – whether it’s a special offer, a discount, late opening hours, or a better education – your video should highlight the benefits.  Blendtec highlighted strongly that it could blend more, and better than any other blender.

*Source: CNNmoney.com, “Puree a Rake for Fun and Profit (Apr 2008)




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