My Bio

Innovation is the life-blood of any business.  I want to inspire you with
innovative, take-away ideas to help your business flourish.

What is my background?  I enjoyed a varied career in business, corporate and treasury marketing at three different banks for over 20 years.  In 2008, I traded my corporate heels for hiking boots to travel, to write ‘Client Science‘  a professional services marketing guide and to establish Killeen Communications.  I also worked with the Irish Exporters Association on a number of publications including: ‘Passport to New Markets‘.

In my latest book, Digital Marketing, I talk about how today’s digital marketing is going through a second revolution.  Customers are in a rebellion phase – zoning out, blocking advertising and reporting unsolicited online marketing. Businesses are upping the ante, fighting for online market control.

Digital Marketing aims to help smart businesses to win the online customer loyalty battle by simplifying message, media and method. I help you to choose your digital media judiciously; to use your customer insights wisely and to make online marketing a happy, successful and profitable endeavour.

Rachel Killeen is now a professional writer and speaker inspiring businesses to innovate and flourish.

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