Seven Bonus Ideas to Boost your Content

Seven Bonus Ideas to Boost your Content

Content is the information, entertainment, guidance and support that you provide, for your target market segments, to entice them to stay and look around your website or social media pages.

It should be produced with specific customer personas in mind. Content may take the form of website text, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, white papers, images, videos, games and other interactive material.

Content works in a number of ways to help promote your brand. First, if the content is relevant, entertaining or useful to consumers, they will read it. They may even share that content – to help you widen your market space.

Secondly, if your content is well read and appreciated by consumers, search engines such as Google will see that it is good content. This will boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS).

Here are seven bonus ways to make good content:

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Be real
• Deliver what your customers want. McDonald’s McCafé serves genuinely good coffee.
• Deliver as promised. Vanish does remove stains.
• Solve your customers’ problems. Trivago aims to find the cheapest accommodation.
• Be completely different. Look at for inspiration.

Be Iconic
Good stories have always held people spellbound. Fáilte Ireland has developed the story of Ireland’s Ancient East as a way to illustrate the treasures of eastern Ireland to tourists.

Be Funny
Employ humour effectively in your digital marketing. Blendtec uses humour successfully to market its high-powered blenders by blending everyday items such as mobile phones and even bricks – on videos that went viral – globally. Well-placed humour can make your business more accessible, breaking down barriers providing conversation opportunities and easing the relationship.

Be Aware of Emotion
People are primarily emotional beings and it is vital to remember this when you are communicating with customers. An online advertisement created by Banjoman Films for Home Store +More tell the story of a lonely older man who is waiting for his son and his family, to come home from abroad, to celebrate his retirement. Worth watching…

Be Visual
Develop a set of visuals that fit with your logo, brand and message. Images help to make navigating a website or social media pages easier than reading chunks of text. But don’t use too many images or the website could become cluttered and visitors put off.

Images should reflect your customers’ needs and motivations, not your desire to look grandiose, e.g. by using large photos of your building. It’s important to always include good keywords in the image file name. (See for a good use of visuals).

Be Simple
Talk about what is important and don’t be afraid of white space. Enough said.

Be Kind
How can your business fulfill an objective to be kind? Innocent Smoothies raise monies for the charity Age Action every year by asking people to participate itn the Big Knit – to knit thousands of hats for smoothie bottles. The money goes to keep older people warm in the winter. 30 cents from every hatted bottle goes directly to Age Action. This simply kind and thoughtful campaign is charming and gains good PR.

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    Provided that anyone research all the choices and make an educated decision there is no reason why
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