Build Online Relationships – Think long term, not quick buck

Build Online Relationships – Think long term, not quick buck

So what’s the take-away idea?   What makes your online customers loyal to your business.  Dig deep and find out.  Try to make sure all your customers are with you for the long-term.  List 10 loyalty initiatives and implement 3 of the best.

Most businesses make the mistake of thinking that a conversion or a sale is the ultimate objective of digital marketing. One-off sales are bread and jam – instantly satisfying – but not long-term staples. A one-off sale will not replenish the level of investment it takes to get your customers to buy. Your aim should be to get sustained and loyal customers to make your digital marketing pay – so think long-term.  Provide the level of customer experience that creates loyal advocates, not just customers for your business.  That is the main focus of this book.

Two functions of digital marketing

There are two distinct functions of digital marketing: The first function of is to drive business to your website or online store in order to generate leads. The second is to convert those leads into revenue.


Two Functions of Digital Marketing



  1. Generate leads

First, drive people to your website or social media sites. This is the ‘peacock phase’. Show your business in the best light. Research what interests the customers in your market segment to attract and generate leads in the face of some pretty heavy-hitting competition. Customer insights and market sense are critical.

Your strategy includes researching and attracting customers, harnessing social media and mobile apps, search engine optimisation (SE) and online advertising, as well as winning permission to stay in contact with those leads that you attract.

  1. Convert your traffic into revenue

The second function of digital marketing involves conversion – making a sale. A prospect arrives at your website, social media site or into your store. What do you do when you get them there? This really requires a completely different set of tactics from simply getting them there. Now you are want to hold their attention and interest, and entice them to look at what you have to offer. That requires intelligence and a deeper understanding of what your customers want from you. Not only do you want to generate a sale at some point in the process, you want to create a long-term relationship, so that loyalty builds up and the new customer becomes an advocate for your business.

You set out your stall, maximise your ‘SEO’ and used an integrated marketing approach to garner as much traffic and drive it all the way to your website. Now what do you do? The task is to convert that traffic generated through email, website, advertising and social media, and to convert it into dependable, repeat revenue for your business.

Not only do you want to generate a sale, you want customers to become loyal advocates for your business and repeat business. Digital marketing follows the same rules as traditional marketing: long-term relationships are the most rewarding, cost-effective and profitable.

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